ESP Compliance Metrics

Continuous compliance monitoring and reporting

ESP is an innovative solution that provides the key technologies required to effectively manage cyber security policy lifecycle, compliance, system configuration and mitigate IT risk. One of the key functions of ESP is the automated monitoring and documentation of compliance metrics across the entire network.

Within minutes of any ESP policy deployment on target machines, the ESP system will accurately calculate the compliance score for every technical control within the deployed policies and generate a pass/fail list for each. With that information in hand, the team in charge of security compliance will know exactly where the weak points are, and how to address them.

Detect policy violations

Once the policy is deployed and running, the ESP management console displays detailed policy compliance scores for each host, host group, and deployed security policy. These compliance scores are updated continuously each time the hosts report to the ESP server, which makes detection of policy violations a breeze.

Types of compliance metrics provided

The ESP Management Console provides administrators with both at-a-glance near real-time views of compliance as well as historical trending records of how security compliance scores have evolved over time, including the following:

  • - Inventory of ESP managed machines and their configurations Inventory of policies (sets of controls) and rules (controls)
  • - Overall system wide compliance with all applied policies
  • - Compliance by host group, by host, by policy, by rule
  • - Each endpoint’s compliance with all deployed policies and individual rules

These views are supported by detailed drill-down reporting that provides an unparalleled level of transparency into the network environment.

ESP Compliance Hirarchy graphic

Communicate compliance to executives and auditors with confidence and ease

Executive level reports enable enterprise security and information officers to readily understand the overall state of security of their information technology infrastructure, and to expose changes or trends in their compliance with different mandated regulations and industry standards. Audit trails provide compliance and policy management details tracking, and a clear understanding of security operators’ entitlements and actions.

ESP Compliance metrics tabular graphic

ESP Compliance metrics line graphic

The Elemental reporting framework enables organizations to demonstrate that required security controls are being implemented and continuously maintained.

Aligning compliance and business objectives

ESP policy compliance metrics allow your organization to:

  • • continuously monitor the security posture, compliance, inventory, and activity of endpoints on the networks
  • • investigate the factors impacting compliance
  • • provide timely and appropriate remediation of policy violations

    How is Elemental different?

    The hierarchical and comprehensive reporting capabilities of ESP provide the alignment necessary between the technical controls required by compliance frameworks and the business objectives of the organization. This alignment is supported by a metrics-based framework that enables clear demonstration of continued improvement of cyber security compliance.

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