Elemental Cyber Security, Inc.

About Elemental Cyber Security, Inc.

Elemental Cyber Security, Inc. (Elemental) is the game changing cyber security compliance automation and enforcement technology provider. As an independent software vendor with the main operations in Dallas, Texas, USA, Elemental is poised to become the premier cyber security technology solutions provider that business enterprises as well as other organizations can rely on to automate and enforce cyber security compliance hence protecting their digital assets and controlling cyber risk exposure.

With the Elemental Security Platform (ESP) solution, Elemental is focused on helping companies overcome the fragmented and ad hoc state of current enterprise security solutions. Elemental provides a unified enterprise wide view of the many disparate security controls currently implemented in today’s networks. The ESP solution enables network managers and security professionals to meet critical security needs such as: IT security and regulatory compliance, security configuration and operations management, network access control, risk management, audit reporting.

Elemental Mission

Our Mission Possible

Elemental Cyber Security is the game changing information security company that delivers security software solutions to ensure our customer’s digital assets are always protected from internal and external threats. We believe the future of information security must change from over-priced multi-point single products to solutions that are adaptive, preventive, enterprise wide, easy to implement and cost effective. Our company is driven by true customer happiness while ensuring all employees know how they positively impact the bottom line. We are mobile, agile, professional, driven to succeed for our investors, customers and partners while holding a high level of business ethics.

Elemental Cyber Security - Leadership

Marius O. Bratan - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tom Allen - Chief Operations Officer

Klayton Anderson - Vice President Customer Services

Jerry Crabb - Executive Vice President Technology