HITRUST/CSF Compliance with ESP


Protecting Electronic Health Information

For many organizations, the process of meeting HIPAA/HITRUST standards can be costly and resource-intensive. The IT and network security staff usually lack a single solution that would allow them to efficiently design and implement numerous controls mandated by the new standard. And even after the initial compliance is achieved, they usually lack the processes and tools needed to maintain that compliance over time.

Elemental Security Platform (ESP) is a cyber security automation framework that can provide organizations with pre-configured, ready-to-deploy, actionable technical controls mapped after CSF. HITRUST policy templates are structured to provide everything IT security administrators need to deploy a multitude of specific controls designed to address the main technical requirements of the standard. ESP policy templates contain detailed technical controls that can be deployed to the endpoints within minutes of the installation of ESP software.

ESP hitrust pol

ESP provides policy templates that directly address the following security controls mandated by HIPAA:

  • • Access control
  • • Risk management
  • • Security Policy
  • • Cryptographic Controls
  • • Compliance with Security Policies and Standards, technical Compliance Checking
  • • Protection of Information Systems Audit Tools
  • • Network security management
  • • Management of Removable Media
  • • Control of operational software
  • • Information Security Incident Management
  • • Reporting Information Security Incidents and Weaknesses
  • • Business Continuity and Risk Assessment

And more

After the initial installation, each control will be continuously scored as pass/fail by ESP and the resulting compliance scorecards will be calculated and made immediately available to the security team. ESP also provides control enforcement functionality that remotely adjusts certain security configurations to ensure that the endpoints are continuously in-compliance with the overall HITRUST requirements.

As a result, your organization can move quickly toward achieving its objectives of compliance with HITRUST requirements, while also increasing your network security, relieving your IT staff from repetitive, manual tasks, and realizing significant cost savings in the process.

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